Henna Tattoos and Body ArtsThe henna plant has been used for decorating the body and coloring hair in Ancient Egypt, other African countries, the Far East and Middle East for centuries.  They use this art form for all types of special occasions, celebrations, and ceremonies as a regular part of their culture.The rich, reddish brown tint is made from the dried leaves of the plant, then mixed with lemon juice, sugar, eucalyptus oil, cajupet oil or other natural ingredients.   We use no chemicals, dyes, or artificial additives.
Temporary tattoos in black are made with iron oxide and cellulose with oils to bind the color.  They are washable, water resistant and easily removed with alcohol or baby oil. 
Temporary tattoos in color are painted on with colored tattoo inks using a brush. They are waterproof, smear proof, and last up to a week with proper care.  They are also removable with baby oil or alcohol.

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